Saturday, January 29, 2022

Taxi Application Android & iOS + Dashboard Ridy 3.5.0 Download

Taxi Application Android & iOS + Dashboard Ridy 3.5.0 Download Ridy application offering tools you might need to run a location-based on-demand service. Using WebSocket, the bidirectional connection between all players is established in real-time and fast.

Demo Ridy Mobile App

Ridy Mobile App Features

  • Wizard UX for pickup point and destination selection
  • Select services with fees defined in back-end CMS
  • Real-time location updates of driver during trip
  • In-App Chat & Call between driver and rider
  • Writing Review & rating the trip
  • Predefined Coupons to get discounts on service fee
  • History of all in-app credit Transactions available for driver and rider
  • See message sent by admin for Promotions, news & etc.
  • Add credit to in-app Wallet
  • Pay the fee of travel with in-app credit or cash
  • Switch between available & unavailable statuses
  • Requests shown as cards with information about travel before accepting
  • Google Maps API estimates travel’s fee by taking both best estimated duration & distance of travel into account
  • Cancel Travel before starting
  • In-App Chat & Call between driver and rider
  • Request payment to bank account when it reaches a certain amount

Download Ridy Mobile App

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